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fertile creatures (series)
composting diaper
sapphire pacifier
onesie armor
infant vampire formula

belly back
boob shoulder
c-section cut path

preditorXtreme (series)
fox gun
baby quail grenades

coyote sight
fox guns
prairie dog revolver
baby quail grenades

the dead garden (series)
Winter Shack, Brooklyn, NY
High Desert Test Sites, CA

the portable forest (series)
Dumbo Arts Center & Festival, NYC
The Armory Center for the Arts, CA
The San Deigo Museum of Art
Monte Vista Projects, LA
Sunset Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Human Resources, LA
Washington Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Woodbury Hollywood Exhibitions
Sea and Space Explorations, LA

you are the largest thing on Earth
art of exchange
primal scream painting booth

data planter
blue kiss
island of misfit toys

concept paintings
student waste painting
portal paintings
black holes
LED Paintings

Periphery Murder Mystery
Paradigm Shifts Frighten Small...
A Flat Ontology
born free

Digital Improvisational Ensemble

public art places
organizer, curator, director
sea and space explorations, LA
tree and space, LA
sound in space Festival, LA
100 person solo show, LA

Lara Bank

WishLara Bank
2002 - present
Online location to view or make a wish:http://www.larabank.com/wish

is an online database where wishes are taken and assigned ticket numbers. It includes a viewable wish database of previous wishes. No other information about the users is retained making it a private space for preserving and exposing ones wishes. The viewer can print a wish ticket with their confirmation number to retain proof of their participation and to collect a part of the artwork.

The wishes vary extensively, some seem humorous and light-hearted, others sincere and dark. The work acts in part as a historical document of human concern. In terms of public events, many wishes refer specifically to the war in Iraq, which started around the same time as the project launch in 2003. Additionally, one could chart the ubiquity of many human topics of interest such as love, relationships, companionship, peace, etc., which present themselves again and again in a multiplicity of words and contexts reflecting upon the extent of individuality within the uniformity of human concern.

Wish was initial launched as a viral email as a part of a series of viral emails sent in 2002 before spamming was considered an issue.


Lara Bank
Wish entered at online interface for wish, home page.

Lara BankWish confirmation screen.

Lara Bank
Viewable wish database.


Lara Bank
Lara Bank

Lara Bank
Wish by Lara Bank. Installation shots of wish at White Box Gallery, LA, 2005. Wishes were made and printed at the front station and then viewed at the back station.

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