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Lara Bank
The Portable Forest with Human Pots at the San Diego Museum of Art
20 trees, wood pots, wood signs, 2 ghillie suits, succulents, bonsai trees, draught tolerant plants, motorcycle helmets, beer hats, cowboy hard hats, armband, velcro, elastic, pots, dirt, potting stands, casters, stain, landscaping fabric, mirror, metal plant tags with plant titles and descriptions.


related work: original Human Pot: Armband by Bank
Judkis, Maura, "the arm as art gallery," The Washington Post, October 2010. - PDF

The Portable Forest are potted plants that can travel for shows, events and happenings inside and outside. Typically they are shown interacting with the space they are in or traveling metaphorically if not physically.

The San Diego Museum of Art for their Summer Salon Series posed the question "What does a city need?" to Los Angeles artist Lara Bank. On Thursday, July 14, 2011 she responded with a copse of moveable foliage dubbed "The Portable Forest." Visitors to the rotunda between 6:00-9:00p.m. wandered amongst evergreen trees on wheels and donned wearable foliage accessories tailored for distinct environments. Assistants in ghillie suits helped participants dress in wearable foliage accessories. 4,000 participants came through the exhibition that evening.

Ghillie suit wearers: Amy Blount Lay, Chris Candelaria, & Marcos Siref. Photos by Chris Colthart.

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