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Lara Bank

Art of Exchange • Mantra DispenserLara Bank
card stock, envelopes, wood
2010 version

54 cards in a stack of 20 of the same card were mounted on wood slats. Visitors to the gallery were welcome to take as many cards as they wanted. The text on the cards are self-help aphorisms based on what Bank thought would better herself at that time.

By distributing the cards Bank was able to share and test for commonality in concepts that were in my consciousness at the moment. Some cards are chosen more than others indicating popularity.

Lara Bank Lara Bank
Lara Bank Lara Bank
Lara Bank
Lara Bank
The Art of Exchange by Lara Bank for Sea and Space in Koh-i-noor and Koh-i-noor in Sea and Space at Koh-i-noor, Copenhagen, Denmark, August 2010. back of card

Text on the cards:

Your Past Is An Abstraction
Do Not Fear All People
Revolution May Still Be Possible
You’re Doing Fine
You Are Your Own Gallery
Dream Far Beyond The World Beyond
See Deeper
Look For The Night Sky
Dig In The Dirt
Do Not Be Corrupted By Jealousy
Do And Understand
Fur Is Magical
Become Change
Live In Fantasy Where There is No End Of Possibility
Art Is Not The End
Failure Is An Illusion Built To Scare You Into Submission
Wear Your Mask If It Helps
All Is Not Always Groovy
Tell People When You Believe In Them
Adaptation Is Not Giving Up
Words Are Not Real
If You Like Their Work, Help Them
Define Your Own Value
No One Is Looking At Your _______
Shake It Off
Fanciful Musing Is Not A Waste Of Time
Do Not Fear Your Own Artwork
Nothing Is Moving On The Other Side Of The Room
Sit Up Straight
You Do Not Need To Make Things Difficult
Do Not Fear The Ambition Of Others
Love Today
Take Your Time
You Do Not Need A New Pair Of Shoes
Yes, It Hurts
Go Radically Your Own Way
Hear More
Sometimes It’s Good To Hide
Join People You Believe In
Stop Forcing Your Own Narrative
Discouragement Is Your Enemy
The Music Is For You
Inhale Exhale
Stay Outside Where You Are Free
There Is Always Parking For the Perseverant
“No” Is Always A Possibility
The Market Is The Monarchy
[blank card]

2007 version  
Lara Bank  
Lara Bank Lara Bank
Art of Exchange by Lara Bank for artSpa, Sea and Space Explorations, Nov. 2007.

Text on the cards:

Be Aware
Learn to Learn
Don't Forget About Peace
Make More Art
Art Helps
Laugh Louder
Make Art With Others
Art Can Be Free
Art is a Form of Freedom
Look at the Ceiling
Make Changes for the Better
Know What You Believe In
Dream Bigger
Dream of Another World
Make Amends
Find Out What It Means to Forgive
Listen Carefully
Try to Understand
Take a Walk
Breath Deeper
Eating Will Not Make You Fat
Have a Banana
Drink Plenty of Water
We Are All Animals
The Music is Yours
You Can Teach What You Want To
Women Can Make Sculpture
Choose How to Be
Don't Pop That Pimple
Action is Inspiring
Opportunity Awaits the Marginal
Let Your Anger Go
Anger Hurts Everyone
Crazy Could Be a Good Thing
The Wrinkles are Coming
Giving is Not Taking Away
Don't Pull
Be Who You Want to Be
Tell People How You Feel
Recognition is Important to People
Make Visible What is Not
Support What You Believe In
Make Art With Everyone
Group Endeavor

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