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Your are the Largest Living thing on Earth: The t-shirt
t-shirt, 6.5 X 10 print, wood, yarn

You are the largest
...is a t-shirt with a companion print and woodburnt tag created for Sequoia tees in Amsterdam, a limited edition artist print t-shirt company.

With Bank's shirt you are wearing a life size portion of The General Sherman, the biggest giant sequoia, also known at "the largest living thing on earth". It comes with an 6.5" X 10" print of the entire tree indicating the portion you are wearing with a red rectangle. Sewn into the tag is a branded recycled slice of log with the Portable Forest logo (the People Tree1 (a tree made of people). The photographs were taken by Bank one snowy day in California's Sequoia National Forest in 2011.

Only 100 shirts available ever --- the artwork cannot be used anywhere ever again. This is it!
The shirt will have a number 00 to 99 on the left sleeve indicating your limited print number.
Available as a collectors item on the front page of Sequoia tees website for ONE DAY ONLY, May 17th 2012 for $379.
After May 17, 2012 they will be in their archive section for $449.

Lara Bank
Lara Bank

Lara Bank
Bank in the shirt & holding the companion print.
The back of the shirt with the branded Portable Forest tag.
The image on the t-shirt.
The image on the companion print of the giant sequoia (General Sherman) with red rectangle indicating the section of the tree that you are wearing.

All photos by Lara Bank, 2011.

Lara Bank Giant Sequoia General Sherman

Lara Bank
close-up of branded tag, 2012.

1The People Tree statue is considered a symbol of Columbia (Bank's home town), Maryland, since it's origin. Columbia is a planned community that that began with the idea that a city could enhance its residents' quality of life by viewing the new community in terms of human values, rather than merely economics and engineering. Opened in 1967, Columbia was designed to not only eliminate the inconveniences of then-current subdivision design, but also eliminate racial, religious, and class segregation.

In January of 2012, The Columbia Association decided to drop this logo from it's signage, unifornms, stationary, and business cards. So, Bank has created her own version of this significant abandoned logo.

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