a partipatory project artist


fertile creatures (series)
composting diaper
sapphire pacifier
onesie armor
infant vampire formula

belly back
boob shoulder
c-section cut path

preditorXtreme (series)
fox gun
baby quail grenades

coyote sight
fox guns
prairie dog revolver
baby quail grenades

the dead garden (series)
Winter Shack, Brooklyn, NY
High Desert Test Sites, CA

the portable forest (series)
Dumbo Arts Center & Festival, NYC
The Armory Center for the Arts, CA
The San Deigo Museum of Art
Monte Vista Projects, LA
Sunset Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Human Resources, LA
Washington Blvd. Art Concert, LA
Woodbury Hollywood Exhibitions
Sea and Space Explorations, LA

you are the largest thing on Earth
art of exchange
primal scream painting booth

data planter
blue kiss
island of misfit toys

concept paintings
student waste painting
portal paintings
black holes
LED Paintings

Periphery Murder Mystery
Paradigm Shifts Frighten Small...
A Flat Ontology
born free

Digital Improvisational Ensemble

public art places
organizer, curator, director
sea and space explorations, LA
tree and space, LA
sound in space Festival, LA
100 person solo show, LA

Lara Bank

Sound in Space FestivalLara Bank
co-curator and co-producer with Clay Chaplin and Aaron Drake
participatory project • place artwork • 501(c)(3) non-profit art gallery
Los Angeles, CA
June 2007 - August 2010

The Sound in Space Festival is an experimental music festival in Los Angeles that premiered in February of 2008. In the Fall of 2007 Chaplin approached Lara Bank, the director of the Sea and Space Explorations gallery, about the possibility of presenting a weekend of experimental sound events at her gallery. Bank offered the month of February 2008 and the idea for an experimental sound festival was born. Bank and Chaplin asked composer Aaron Drake to help curate. Since then the three have co-curated and produced 26 concerts, numerous sound installations, and worked with over 125 sound, video, and performance artists from around the globe. The 2009 festival was the subject for the cover story for LA Metro Mix Magazine.

Specific information about the artists and works from each year of the festival can be found below:
2009 Sound in Space Festival Website
2008 Sound in Space Festival Website

Photographs from each year of the festival can be found below:
2009 Sound in Space Festival Photos
2008 Sound in Space Festival Photos
Lara Bank
A feature article in the LA Record Magazine about the 2009


Ward, Alie, “The Little Gallery Doing Big Weird Things,” Metromix: The LA Times (Vol. 2, Iss. 6, Feb. 11-17, 2009), cover story & interview - PDF

Denny, Drew, “Sound in Space 2,”
L.A. Record, pg. 15 (Vol. 3, Issue 12, Feb. 2009). - PDF (986KB) (interview)

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